Maine Coast - Greg DuBois
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Ogunquit Beach Maine, Stormy Twilight with Rising Tidal Water

This is the Southern tip of Ogunquit beach quickly getting filled up with water at high tide. I took a more compressed shot of this scene during intense sunset color, and right the after the color died down I took this wider angle with a more twilight vibe. Using grads on a telephoto is much more difficult because you are zoomed in on the blend line making it much wider and cover more of the frame. I find I have to take a lot of test shots at higher ISO when using a telephoto to make sure the blend is right before I commit to a really long exposure. Especially when the light is fleeting.

Canon 6d
Canon 70-200mm f/4L at 94
LEE Little Stopper (1.8ND)
LEE 0.9 Hard GND
ISO 100, 131 sec