When viewing a photo within "Galleries," select the "Buy Print" button to open the catalog. To add a frame or matting you must first add the print to your shopping cart, then within the shopping cart select "finishing options" underneath the item. If you are viewing an entire gallery of thumbnails with the one image you want printed presented to the right, select the "Buy Prints" button and then "This Photo", to open a  different style of the same catalog which makes it quicker to preview the crop of the different aspect ratios available. With my newer photos, I list the native aspect ratio in the photo description, which can be found underneath the image in gallery view, or on the left sidebar in lightbox view.

Serene Bath

Serene Bath

40”x60" Metal Gallery Float
Massachusetts Gallery

How it Works

Print Fulfillment

All images are color corrected to the particular print surface and printer utilized at point of production by trained technicians at the print lab, which is important due to the variety of print types and surfaces available in my catalog. I've printed many images from my catalog and I'm always very impressed with the quality and accuracy of color when compared to my proofing environment. 

When you purchase a print through my website your payment and order gets processed through Smugmug, my print fulfillment partner. Smugmug specializes in fulfilling print orders for professional photographers and partners with one of the best print labs in the nation. Smugmug will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing a specific type of print that is not listed in the catalog please contact me directly through this website and we can create a custom order. Currently prints with borders are only available through custom order.

Print Order Support

I personally have no ability to alter your print order after it has been placed. But no worries, my print partner always has someone ready to help! Just follow this link SmugMug Support.

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