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The following pricing serves as a guide only. All pricing is subject to change, and is based on individual requirements. Please contact me for an estimate on your project. 

Boston Skyline Sunset with Night Lights from East Boston with Decayed Pilings

Digital Licenses

See below for digital licenses. 
I can accommodate large image sizes, see image description for available pixels

Landing Page:  $600 +
Non-Landing Page:  $400 +
Company Non-Public Use:  $250 +
Digital Marketing:  Contact

Autumn in Boston Suburbs with Quaint New England Town and Fall Foliage (2:1 Left)

Print Licenses

See below for example pricing for print reproductions.
I can accommodate large image sizes, see image description for available pixels

General Marketing:  $600 +
Magazine: $500 +
Single Print Reproduction:  $250 +
Retail Products:  Contact

Boston Landing at Dawn over Mass Pike

Commissioned Photos

See below for example pricing for commissioned photographs.
*Discounts may apply with commission of an image series

Whether for a website, magazine, or any other commercial marketing effort, capturing an amazing image is a complex process. From scouting a location and planning for travel and the right weather conditions, to technical execution and post-process. I deliver immaculate 50 mpx photographs in my signature style, that maximize the scene and optimize natural lighting. Due to work that goes into finishing the most optimal image from the shoot, I deliver the strongest photograph for my commissioned subject. My pricing reflects the cost of both taking the unique image, and the rights to use it in perpetuity.

*Price includes native file and exclusive royalty-free digital license with print rights. Relicensing the image or printing for resale is excluded:

Boston/Cambridge:  $1750 
Within one hour of Boston:  $2000 
Within two hours of Boston:  $2250

Commissioned Photo Examples

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